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Delivery Kings is a locally owned Food & Goods Delivery company. We were founded in 2019 & performed our first delivery in February of 2020. We have over 100 restaurants & businesses that you can choose from and have delivered to you. We have plenty of National Brand Restaurants to choose from, but our focus is on locally owned businesses. We promote heavily our locally owned . We promote them on social media, pass out flyers for our locally owned businesses & have special promotions for them.  Not only do we deliver from Restaurants, but we also partner with Food Trucks, private catereres & Bakers & we also do grocery deliveries, as well delivering from local businesses such as clothing, hair stores etc. We deliver to your home, office, job, hospital, wherever you are, we can deliver. So please if you have not yet tried our delivery service, do so today, we are waiting to serve you!!